Saturday, July 9, 2011

Physician, Heal Thyself, And Thy Healthcare System

Physician, Heal Thyself, And Thy Healthcare System

Why Our Current Healthcare System is Woefully Inadequate

Published on May 1, 2011 by Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D. in The Mindful Self-Express

The Integrative Medicine Model of Healthcare

The Integrative Medicine Model of Healthcare

Many mental health disorders carry risks for physical disease.

  • Depression is a risk factor for many serious and life-threatening diseases, including heart disease, addictions, chronic pain, diabetes and obesity.
  • Illness diagnosis can result in an anxiety disorder
  • Chronic mental stress can cause muscle pain, fatigue, inflammation, and impaired immunity
  • Stress can result in impaired self-care, such as not eating, exercising, or sleepingproperly, increasing risks of disease.
  • Depressed mood can interfere with heart rate variability or the ability of the individual to put the brakes on and stop anxiety-related physiological arousal from spiraling out of control.
  • PTSD has been linked to addictions, smoking, heart disease and autoimmune diseases.

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